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Here's what our customers say: 

I was looking for a simple customer database program and could not believe what it turned out to be. Eric was very fast in the changes I wanted done to the software and the product works perfectly. You will spend thousands of dollars to get something of this magnitude. I high recommend his ability and knowledge if you have any database needs. 
Birmingham, AL 

Hi Eric, 
It all works, brilliant what can i say except thanks, and how do i pay you ? 
Many thanks, and speak to you soon, 
William Friend, UK 

What i have learn in books and could not transfert in an application found an answer by going true your forms, query's and code. I have learn a lot of Microsoft Access programming techniques and tricks. I'm gone use this template for a lot of projects. It's well worth the money !! 
Thank you. 
Frank, Belgium 

Man have I wasted some time in the past trying to get something that you have wrote going. 

Thank you. 
Steve Mackenzie, New-Zeland 

Thank you for all the hard work. 
You really came through for my company. I hope we get to work together in the future. 
Jonathan Goodman, USA 

Dear Eric

I have successfully achieved all that I wanted to do. It has been a very inexpensive, but excellent learning experience. Thank you again.

Just for your feedback purposes, my needs were the following. There is some probability that within the next year, I will be asked to set up a ship's medical service on a cruise ship. Other ships that I have been involved with, have either had no computerised system for their hospitals, or, they have had systems that would test the tolerance of a saint.

In preparation for the event, I have now adapted your system, and it allows me an excellent inventory control, the raising of orders from medical suppliers, the invoicing of patients (complete with their cruise numbers and cabin numbers) for medications and other supplies, and for medical consultations and procedures.

My job, thanks to you, is done. Now, all I have to do is sit back and wait expectantly.

The adaptation of your system was facilitated partly by the fact that you had anticipated all sorts of variations on your theme, and partly by the fact that your logic and method have classic "text-book" clarity. Perhaps you have discerned that I am very much impressed !!!


Cedric Bullard, Australia


"Microsoft Access: The most widely used desktop database system in the world"

For a good explanation of how and when to use Access see this article from Luke Chung, president of FMS inc.


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